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A network of legal scholars

A network of scholars who seek to increase the quality, scale, and relevance of legal empirical research

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Welcome to NoLesLaw

No-Les-Law is a network of scholars who seek to increase the quality, scale, and relevance of legal empirical research. Participants are active in the areas of European, comparative, and international law and apply a wide range of empirical methods, qualitative and quantitative.

Our primary goal is to promote scholarship which

  • Explores legal questions in a comprehensive and systematic matter (is legal empirical as opposed to empirical legal)
  • Is based on clearly articulated epistemological foundations: what is empirical in legal empirical studies?
  • Is transparent
  • Is of societal relevance

To this end the network is committed to

  • Make high quality research available to the legal community and the civil society
  • Promote careers of younger researchers in the field and
  • Offer a platform for the development of larger collaborative research projects within the EU and internationally.

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NoLesLaw is an open network. We welcome researchers and practitioners who share our vision and commitment. There is no membership fee.


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