The European Journal of Legal Studies (EJLS)

Founded in 2007, the European Journal of Legal Studies (EJLS) is a researcher edited journal published on behalf of the Department of Law at the European University Institute (EUI), Florence. The EJLS is committed to (1) promoting academic discourse of the highest quality in the field of legal theory, EU, international and comparative law; and (2) encouraging critical and innovative research in particular by young legal scholars.

It translates these two commitments into practice through four policies: open-access, linguistic diversity, researcher-led management, and double-blind peer-review process that fosters the publication of cutting-edge legal research by emerging scholars. The EJLS is firmly established as an open-access journal, which offers authors the widest possible audience in publishing their work, every article being freely available online. It is also published in CADMUS, the repository of EUI publications, and HeinOnline. Submissions go through a rigorous yet speedy double blind peer-review process, which draws on the expertise and experience of the EUI’s entire scientific community (professors, fellows, guest researchers and professors, researchers, as well as alumni).

As a follow up on the commitment to innovative methodologies in legal research, the EJLS has launched a call for papers in the field of Legal Empirical Studies and has published several papers using social science methodology in its most recent issues. Through the collaboration with the NoLesLaw network, the EJLS aims at providing a dynamic platform for Legal Empirical Studies in Europe and at broadening the scope of its publications in this fascinating and thriving field of legal research. As a first project, the publication of a special issue on Legal Empirical Studies with contributions by members of the NoLesLaw network is planned for 2018. You can find more information about the EJLS here .