European Network on Soft Law Research (SoLaR)


The Soft Law Research Network (SoLaR) aims to promote multi- and interdisciplinary research about use of EU soft law by national administrations and courts and to encourage a dialogue between academia and practitioners.

It brings together lawyers and political scientists in order to study EU soft law and its operation at national level.


SoLaR publishes Working Papers, seminar presentations and other works. Working Papers are studies on EU soft law which are not published elsewhere; seminar presentations are papers produced for one of the SoLaR events; other publications are papers, case notes, book chapters and the like on EU soft law which have been published elsewhere but are freely accessible. SoLaR publications can be submitted to the SoLaR coordinators by SoLaR members as well as academics worldwide outside the Network.

The people behind SOLAR

SoLaR is a network of academics from Dutch, English, Finnish, German, French, Italian, and Slovenian institutions. The Network has five Academic Coordinators and more than 20 members, divided by policy teams.

People involved