Johan Lindholm

Johan Lindholm is a Professor of Law at Umeå University, Sweden. He primarily teaches and does research in the fields of European Constitutional Law and Sports Law.

Much of his later scholarship focuses on courts – including national, European, and international courts and arbitration tribunals – and involves combining traditional legal analysis with empirical analysis, both to understand the courts as such and law more generally. He has a particular interest in the application and development of network analysis to understand legal sources and answer legal questions.

Some of his notable publications in the field of empirical legal studies include:

  • Atieh Mirshahvalad, Johan Lindholm, Mattias Derlén & Martin Rosvall, Significant Communities in Large Sparse Networks, PLoS ONE, 7(3):e33721 (2012)
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, The Court of Justice and the Ankara Agreement: Exploring the Empirical Approach, Europarättslig Tidskrift nr. 3/2012 pp. 462–481
  • Mattias Derlén, Johan Lindholm, Martin Rosvall & Atieh Mirshahvalad, Coherence Out Of Chaos: Mapping European Union Law By Running Randomly Through the Maze of CJEU Case Law, Europarättslig Tidskrift, nr. 3/2013 pp. 517–535
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Goodbye van Gend en Loos, Hello Bosman? Using Network Analysis to Measure the Importance of Individual CJEU Judgments, European Law Journal vol. 20(5) pp. 667–687 (2014)
  • Johan Lindholm & Mattias Derlén, Festina Lente – Europarättens genomslag i svensk rättspraxis 1995–2014, Europarättslig tidskrift 2015(1) pp. 151–171
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Characteristics of Precedent: The Case Law of the European Court of Justice in Three Dimensions, German Law Journal vol. 16(5) pp. 1073–1098 (2015)
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Judiciell aktivism eller prejudikatbildning? En empirisk granskning av Högsta domstolen, Svensk Juristtidning 2016(2) pp. 143–158
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Bosman from a Network Perspective, in 20 Years After: The Legacy of Bosman pp. 31–49 (Antoine Duval & Ben Van Rompuy eds., TMC Asser Press, Hague 2016)
  • Olof Larsson, Daniel Naurin, Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Speaking Law to Power – The Strategic Use of Precedent of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Comparative Political Studies (e-published, forthcoming in print)
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Peek-a-Boo, It’s a Case-Law System! Comparing the European Court of Justice and the United States Supreme Court from a Network Perspective, German Law Journal vol. 18 (3) pp. 647–686 (2017)
  • Mattias Derlén & Johan Lindholm, Is it Good Law? Network Analysis and the CJEU’s Internal Market Jurisprudence, Journal of International Economic Law vol. 20 (2) pp. 257–277 (2017)

Contact details

Johan Lindholm
Professor of Law, LL.D.
Umeå University
Department of Law
901 87 Umeå,

Office: +46 90-786 5603
Mobile: +46 70-392 6398